Wednesday, 28 January 2015

BYE-BYE double eyelid stickers!

Hi! yeah the last time i blogged was one year ago. heh..
Anyway.. I'm really excited to share my experience today, especially to people who are considering double eyelid surgery but don't know where or which clinic to go to, and those that are curious about the process. I've received many comments and even texts about where i did my eyelids etc. and also compliments! HAHA..  I find that double eyelid is important when i started learning makeup, which is around 18years old? and I've started using all sorts of double eyelid stickers/tape around the age of 19, and wow thats like 4years ago! because i have inner double eyelids, people with inner double eyelids will understand how i feel, is like theres no difference with or without eyeshadow. and as you know, it is not easy to stick double eyelid tape and i had quite a hard time finding the right tape, imagine the amount of time spent every morning on sticking the stupid double eyelid tape, and those wasted 'experiment' ones blah blah blah. So, finally I've decided to get rid of this troublesome routine, before this year's CNY! #newyearneweyeswtf Anyways, I'm happy with the results! yeap, happy customer here and that is why i've decided to share. (well, sharing is caring) :D

So, why did i ditched my troublesome routine?  because i saw one of my friend did her double eyelids and i find it quite pretty and natural, and the price is surprisingly reasonable! As you know, the price of cosmetic surgeries are very expensive nowadays. Btw, I'm not here to encourage anyone to do it, but if it can boost your confidence or you have this thinking of doing it, you can have a read first before deciding.

So..... I just did my double eyelid around 2weeks ago at Esme Clinic @ Jaya One.

The first thing that you need to know is, there are 3 types of double eyelid surgery. I'll give a rough explain on each type.

1. Opening/Cutting method
- traditional method of double eyelid surgery
- obvious scar
- permanent, longest lasting among the three methods
- able to create deeper crease
- longer recovery period

2. Stitching method (DST)
- scarless
- reversible
- very natural looking double eyelid
- shortest recovery period among the three methods
- unable to create deeper crease

3. Micro Incision method 
( will explain below.. ) 

So, during the consultation, the beauty consulter introduced me the most common double eyelid surgery in their clinic, and that is the Micro Incision method.

So... WHY did I chose Esme Clinic's Micro Incision method?
- only 3 dots of around 3mm mini cuts
- natural looking double eyelid
- scarless, even if there is, only 3 mini dots (this has to depends on personal care)
- can last up to 10years or more, last longer than stitching method.
  (there is eyelid fats removal for this method)
- able to create deeper n nicer crease compare to stitching
- the recovery period is slightly longer than stitching maybe for another 2-3days, but definitely faster than the traditional cutting method.

It is important to go for consultation before the surgery, let them know what type of double eyelid you wish to have, what is your concern and have more understanding about the risk and procedure that you will be going through and the beauty consultant will give you advice on which type of double eyelid suits you best. The whole procedure only took me 45minutes or less. and... the most common question asked "Is it painful or not?", to be honest, there is a slight pain when doctor injects the anesthetic on my eyelid, BUT after that, you WONT FEEL ANY PAIN, like pain level-0, literally! hahaha. The staff in Esme Clinic are very friendly and caring throughout the whole surgery and recovery process, they will check on you almost everyday to make sure everything is fine, even when they are off-duty! so yeap, you can just Whatsapp/wechat them anytime when you feel something is wrong/worry, they will respond to your text. +1point  :D

Let me show you some before surgery pictures..

The doctor will draw the eyelid line according to your desire crease + his professional advice.. 

Doctor will ask you to open yours eyes to check if everything is ok, is it the same for both eyes, and to get your approval. The surgery will start if you are satisfied with the crease drawn.

ok, i will stop here for the pictures, because you won't want to see it, hahaha.

So, after the surgery, yes is it very normal that there will be swelling and bruises, all 3 methods will have to go through this! But the level of swelling and bruise varies from one person to another, for me, there is only slight swelling and bruises occurred, so i can still go out as usual after the surgery! :D The recovery period usually takes around 3-6months, what i meant here is full recovery. But for your eyes to not look like you've just cried or swollen like goldfish, it takes around 1-2weeks, however there will still be minor swell which is almost unnoticeable, as I've said more time is needed for full recovery. Btw..... if you are following my instagram or Facebook, you'll notice that my recovery is quite fast, and today is only my 12th day! Anyway, Im going to share you some tips on how to speed up the recovery process.

How to speed up the wound recovery?
1. Drink fish essence! It is commonly used to speed up the healing of wounds (surgery/childbirth). You can either buy the fish essence in any pharmacy store, or boil/cook snakehead fish/soup. There is research shows that this fish is good for wounds/injuries because it contains amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids that are essential for healing wounds. 

(The brand i bought is PROGYMS, combination of fish essence + american ginseng, you can get this from caring/guardian, and the price is quite reasonable which is around rm40++ for a pack of six.)

2. Drink pineapple juice, because it contains Bromelain which helps in reducing inflammation, reduce swelling and also Vitamin C that helps in healing wounds.

3. As usual, certain food to avoid for healing wounds.       **Important**
soya sauce, black soya sauce, nuts, seafood, duck, anything that you are allergic to!

4. Avoid water contact for the first few days.

DAY 1 - After surgery


DAY 4 - went back to Esme Clinic to clean wounds


DAY 10 - double eyelid getting natural already
(can draw eyeliner already,hahaha.. but have to remove carefully and DO NOT put on eyeshadow for at least one month..)

DAY 11 


                                      BEFORE                                                     AFTER


If you are interested, quote my name "SandraVoon" to get FREE consultation + FREE facial treatment before 17 February 2015!!

***FREE consultation on any non-surgery or surgery services!
***NO hidden charges / you can just redeem it during consultation!
- No joke! what a good deal right?   :D

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  1. I'm thinking about getting blepharoplasty on my upper eyelids. I'm afraid that it will leave visible scars on my eyelids that will be noticeable to anyone who is close to me and sees me looking down

  2. SO it takes 10 days to recover fully? How long it takes until all the stretch marks vanish? I am going to improve my inner double eyelids and recovery time really disturbs me. However, you look gorgeous. Keep posting!